MCC Announce 7/2/11

As always there’s plenty going on in Manchester  for you to get involved with this week.


  • ·       Manchester Autonomous Students working group meetings 6.30-8pm UMSU.

Preparation and discussions for several upcoming events and actions against the cuts.


  • ·       MCC film showing 7pm : Shock Doctrine by Naomi Kline, Trof, Fallowfield
  • ·       Cool Runnings, 10-3amThe Corner, Fallowfield

Weekly reggae, dub and dancehall night. Free entry!!



  • ·       ManchesterAgainst Fees & Cuts meeting. 5-7pm. Meeting Room 4 UMSU


  • ·         Queers Against the Cuts Gig 4-7pm. workshops, bands and stalls. Contact Theatre (behind Academy 1)

  • ·         Take VAT

Saturday 12th February, 10.30am-3.30pm,

Central London

Crash Space and transport available. £10 return from Manchester

ALL VAT HAS JUST RISEN to 20% so travel prices are rising and even VAT on the toilet paper you use to wipe your ass has risen, whilst the richest companies are getting away with murder!

TAKEVAT is a new Mass Action with a particular focus on VAT.


2 separate BLOCS will meet at 2 SECRET LOCATIONS at 10.30 on Saturday the 12th!

From there we will descend upon 2 targets.
CONSEQUENTLY WE WILL CAUSE all sorts of mischief and other such naughtiness
in order to let the government and companies know they can’t get away with this disgraceful behaviour.

DRESS CODE = SMART CASUAL (Without the casual!)

Put the date in your calender, SPREAD THE WORD and please invite all
family, friends, enemies, workers, bankers, students, parents, inexperienced, angry ones, frustrated ones, sportsmen and sportswomen, space invaders etc!

As a UKUncut-esk action we take the message that these cuts and tax changes are regressive and increase inequality hurting the poor whilst protecting the interest of the rich as well as realising that its up to us to act to stop such injustice and force the change needed, by occupying space and educating the public using wide participation.

—– Want to get your meetings or events mailled out to our list? ———

Email with the details and keep us informed of any breaking news!

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