Mailout 25/09/2011

Hey everyone (new friends and old!) hope you’ve all had a good summer!  As a reminder of who we are, Manchester Campaigns Collective is a group bringing you all the information, dates and places for a number of amazing grassroots campaigns and activist groups right here in beautiful Manchester!

Keep an eye out for recommendations, and check out our calendar at – message or e-mail us ( to request any changes or to ask us to stick your event up and we’ll get on it!

There’s lots of exciting stuff to get involved with this week:

Monday 26/09/2011

6p.m. Rebel Alliance at Roam (formerly Saki bar) 2 Wilmslow Road, Manchester M14 5TP.

– our monthly meeting where campaigners from different groups can meet, hang out and share ideas; where people new to campaigning can find out about groups that already exist, what they do and what events are coming up; and we will have a discussion on a hot topic of the month!

This week Manchester Green and Black Cross will be doing a quick workshop on knowing your rights: particularly useful with the Tory Party Conference coming up on October 2nd.  Really hope to see you there!

7p.m: OK Café meeting at Roam (formerly Saki bar) 2 Wilmslow Road, Manchester M14 5TP

7.30p.m – 10.30p.m: Black Students Campaign, MR2 (top floor), University of Manchester Students Union, Oxford Road.

– meeting to discuss any issues you would like the campaign to lead on this year.  The Black Students campaign exists at UMSU to facilitate Black students to campaign for change on campus and nationally, to participate in union politics and address issues faced by Black Students.  It is a fun, vibrant, engaging and effective way to educate and empower you and effect change on the University and local communities. The group is set up to highlight these problems and is led by students who self-define as politically Black.

Wednesday 28/09/2011

2p.m. Manchester Environmental Students’ Society first meeting back, Khaled Said Room (top floor), University of Manchester Students Union, Oxford Road.

5p.m – 8p.m: MAFAC Welcome Party, University of Manchester’s Postgraduate Bar, Burlington Street

M15 6HQ.

–  Come and join Manchester Against Fees & Cuts at our first gathering back, where we’ll be welcoming new members and saying hello to last years’ too!
We’re having a pretty informal event in the run up to the TUC Manchester March for the Alternative on Sunday, with a brief overview of plans for this year, some fun getting to know each other games and plenty of time to chat and make new friends.

Thursday 29/09/2011

5.30p.m – 8.30p.m First Riveters Meeting back, Biko’s Café, University of Manchester Students’ Union, Oxford Road.

– The UMSU women’s rights collective, The Riveters, are a campaigning group who are dedicated to fighting for the equality of the genders. The Riveters are an inclusive group who engage with feminism through a variety of meetings, speakers and events.

Saturday 01/10/2011

10a.m, Battle Bus of the anti-Tory march, Chorlton Street National Express Coach Station.

Bus tour of central Manchester and Salford, bus leaves 10.30am and will promote the anti Tory message, to build for the 2nd Oct demo. This is a Union sponsored event, children welcome, will end at 4p.m. and should be a fun way of spreading the word!

Sunday 02/10/2011

12p.m, TUC Manchester March for the Alternative.  When the Tory Conference Chair Fiona Hodgson gets up at 2pm to open their conference, tens of thousands of protesters will be marching past Manchester Convention Centre with banners and placards to give them the welcome they deserve, rather than the welcome they would like!

Assemble at noon on Liverpool Rd. (off Deansgate) Manchester M3 4JR. This is a 10 minute walk from the train stations at Piccadilly, Victoria, and Oxford Rd.

There are various feeder marches, including:

o       UMSU and MAFAC [], and the Disabled Students bloc [] meeting on the steps outside the University of Manchester Students’ Union at 10:30a.m

o       Education Feeder March assembling All Saint’s Park at 11a.m (including OccupyMCR bloc)

o       Salford Feeder March: Salford marchers will be joined by a delegations from Wigan [] and Bolton. Their feeder march goes via Bexley Square (where flowers will be laid in commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Bexley Square) and on to Liverpool Road where the main march assembles.

o       Queer Resistance NW will be on the march too [ ]

2p.m, TUC Rally Event, No 1 First Street, Manchester.

Speakers include Paul Kenny GMB and TUC President, Len McCluskey, Unite, Christine Blower, NUT, Mark Sewotka, PCS, Chris Keats, NASUWT, Bob Crow, RMT, Mary Boustead, ATL, Rena Wood Unison, Matt Wrack FBU, Remploy local rep, Terry Hoad UCU President. Additional local speakers to be announced.

After TUC rally, OccupyMCR, Albert Square, Manchester

        From 2-5 October 2011 the Conservative Party are coming to Manchester to hold their annual conference. All eyes will be on this city as the Tories analyse their progress in implementing their disastrous program of public sector spending cuts, and reveal plans for the years ahead. This conference should not go unopposed. We intend to make the opposition to the cuts and the widely shared belief in a better alternative future visible, and we’d like to do this with you

        We intend to take and hold the space towards the end of the TUC demonstration. If we are unable to reach Albert Square we will move towards other spaces. Keep checking twitter and follow the purple flags

        Occupy! will be a space for public assemblies, discussions and teach-ins. It will also be a space for music, friendship and creativity. We don’t know how long the space will be running (this will in part depend on you!). If we manage to stay into the early hours, we’ll be coming together at regular intervals for collective noise-making to remind the slumbering Tories that we are there and that we have a lot to shout/whistle/drum/honk/crash/bang about. If they won’t let us dream, we won’t let them sleep! And if Cameron and his cronies do manage to drop off, come ready to give them a noisy wake-up call in the morning.

Remember to wear warm and waterproof clothes, bring some food and drink, and look after yourselves and those around you!

Also work noting –

Young Workers Week begins 02/10/2011

Young workers week is key to raising awareness of the youth against cuts and national union campaigns amongst young members and encouraging young members to actively support the campaigns.

Fun and informative, young workers week is for all PCS members aged 27 or under and is dedicated to raising youth specific issues that affect young people in the workplace and in their community. Young workers week provides a great opportunity for young members to get involved in union activity, gain new skills, share knowledge and experience and get help and support from other young members across PCS.

Feel free to drop us an e-mail with any questions, info about upcoming events/interesting groups, and come chat to us at the Rebel Alliance later!

MCC xxx


About MCC

Manchester Campaigns Collective! A group bringing you all the information, dates and places for a number of amazing grassroots campaigns and activist groups right here in beautiful Manchester. E-mail us at to tell us about any exciting events coming up, any groups we should know about, or to ask for info/advice!
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