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WEBSITE – Google Docs.

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Rebel Alliance minutes 26/09/2011

Manchester Green and Black Cross


*** ~30 Present

***Green and Black Cross

Get in touch with questions about legal issues – Legal Observers will be around on the day of the Tory Party Conference: they will have bright orange bibs on, keep an eye out for them and go to them with any questions/concerns on the day, or to grab a bust card from them.
Check out GBC online for briefs on particular laws or areas

Facebook / GBC

Announcements from groups:

***Revision – Drug Policy Network

5p.m. Tuesday 27/09/11 A debate on drugs with Tories, Simon building, Brunswick Street Manchester M13 9PL.
6p.m. Tuesday 27/09/2011 ‘Drugs: An Introduction’, Room 3 in University of Manchester Students’ Union (UMSU).
Re:Vision will also be training people to campaign and running behavioural change workshops soon – we’ll keep you updated!
Regular weekly meetings at Saki, every Tuesday at 6pm.
Re:Vision website / Re:Vision Drugs Facebook

***Block the Bridge, Block the Bill!

See here for more info.
In brief, the government is just weeks away from destroying the NHS forever. This is an emergency. On Sunday October 9th, join UK Uncut on Westminster Bridge and help block the bill. On one side of the bridge is Parliament, on the other, St. Thomas’ Hospital. This protest therefore symbolically stops the Bill from getting from Parliament to our hospitals.
An anonymous benefactor has offered to pay for coaches down to London on the day. These will leave from Albert Square in Central Manchester at 7a.m. on Sunday October 9th, and will return the same evening.
Contact to reserve your place – £5 deposit required which can be returned on the coach, unless you’d rather donate it to UKUncut!
Alternatively, Manchester Against Fees and Cuts (MAFAC) are also organising a free bus, attend their Welcome Party (see below) to sign up, or get in touch via Facebook.

Facebook event for Block the Bridge


5p.m. Wednesday 28/09/2011 Welcome Party in the Postgraduate Bar at University of Manchester
We’re having a pretty informal event in the run up to the TUC Manchester March for the Alternative on Sunday, with a brief overview of plans for this year, some fun getting to know each other games and plenty of time to chat and make new friends!

***Dale Farm

6p.m. Thursday 29/09/2011 – trip down to Dale Farm (more info) to offer support and show solidarity by taking part in the occupation. Will be back by Sunday night and all they ask is £15 towards fuel costs, depending on how many people are interested. For more information text Seth on 07806330401, if you have any questions they’re happy to meet up on Wednesday to chat about it!

***IWW Manchester

6p.m, Thursday 29/09/2011, Castle Pub, Oldham Street – An informal meeting to plan and think about what workplaces the IWW could think about organising this autumn!
If you’re unsure of where the Castle is, Andy can meet you at the fountains at Piccadilly Gardens at 17:45.
Feel free to call/text Andy on 07513876044 if you have any questions… the pub is easy to access and buying a drink is not necessary!


Open Tuesday to Saturday every week, at The Boathouse, Platt Fields Park, M14 6LA
Pedal MCR is a workers co-operative dedicated to recycling bicycles, offering mechanical education, cycle training and promoting bicycling by helping people of all ages and backgrounds to obtain, maintain, repair and ride bicycles.
Website / Facebook page
6p.m. Friday 30/09/2011Critical Mass – Poly Run theme. A mass bike ride round Manchester, meeting at Central Library.
And after party/fundraiser with roller racing!

*** Queer Resistance UK

10.30a.m, Sunday 02/10/2011, Zombie feeder march – Cameron’s Casualties!  Meeting outside Oxford Road Station to feed into the Education feeder march for Sunday’s protest against the Tory Party Conference. Bring bandages, placards, and look out for a potential ‘die-in’ to occur en route!

***Canal Street Party for Tories – let them know what you think!

10p.m, Monday 03/10/2011, meeting outside Velvet on Canal Street


Meeting on Saturday 01/10/2011 – keep an eye on the website for further details – there will be workshops, banner-making, discussions and all sorts. Find out more about the Government consultation on squatting – soon to be discussed in Parliament.
There will also be a Squat Bloc on the TUC march on Sunday – lots of people wanted, and volunteers needed! Get in touch.


The OKasional Cafe is a running tradition, which has been going for ten years! It is a squatted space that will hold a daily cafe, regular vegan meals and function as a radical space for meetings, organising actions, workshops and events.
This October it’ll be back for three weeks!

OK Cafe website

***Shift – Manchester-based magazine

Shift magazine emerged out of a desire for a space where people involved in radical politics could discuss ideas, tactics and strategies. We want to try and bridge the seeming gap between “talking theory” and “doing politics”.
Thirteenth issue out now ! Grab it now for the bargain price of £2 from the Cornerhouse, online, at the Issue 13 Launch Party or from Plan B housing co-op.

Shift Facebook page

***Occupy Manchester

To coincide with TUC demo on Sunday 02/10/2011

The idea is to have a people’s assembly and to use it as a base. Occupy!MCR will be on the education feeder march – look out for our purple banners and signs!
Come down to Albert Square after the TUC demo to take part in the occupation and show the Tories they aren’t welcome.

OccupyMCR website

***AFED (Anarchist Federation)

Based all around the country.
We produce publications and support all sorts of camapigns
7p.m Wednesday 28/09/2011 at Falafel, Oxford Road in Rusholme – meeting at 7 to grab some food and have a chat, then upstairs for a meeting at 7.30p.m.
AFED national website / AFED North

***Botanical gardens

University of Manchester-owned botanical gardens are under threat of being turned into a car park. Anyone interested in fighting against this should contact Dan at – any support is welcomed!

***Manchester Climate Action

7.30p.m, Wednesday 28/09/2011, at Plan B, 3 Birch Polygon, Rusholme, M14 5HX – open meeting, come down to find out what campaigns you can get involved in, and to meet people!

Manchester Climate Action website

***Feminists Against Playboy Club Manchester

New Manchester-based feminist mag ‘Percolate Magazine’ and Twitter feminists @FeministNewsUK are organising a peaceful protest against the proposed opening of a Playboy Club in the city.

“Feminists Against Playboy Club Manchester believe that the Playboy Club opening in Manchester city centre & women being encouraged to dress as ‘bunnies’ is not just harmless fun – it objectifies women & is part of a wider culture of pornification & sexualisation of young women. We do not believe that the Playboy brand promotes equality. We are not targeting the women who choose to work there, just the patriarchy & sexism behind the Playboy Club & Playboy brand in general.”

5.30p.m, Saturday 01/10/2011, protest outside Casino 535

***MCC (Manchester Campaigns Collective)

Do you have any spare time to help us with stalls? Do you have any materials you’d like us to distribute? Get in touch! We’ll be running two stalls a week and are looking for volunteers to help out.

We will also be putting flyers under doors and doing poster runs so if you have stuff that needs publicising send us a message or just come chat to us.  Donations welcome!
We’re here to help.

Manchester Campaigns Collective

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Mailout 25/09/2011

Hey everyone (new friends and old!) hope you’ve all had a good summer!  As a reminder of who we are, Manchester Campaigns Collective is a group bringing you all the information, dates and places for a number of amazing grassroots campaigns and activist groups right here in beautiful Manchester!

Keep an eye out for recommendations, and check out our calendar at – message or e-mail us ( to request any changes or to ask us to stick your event up and we’ll get on it!

There’s lots of exciting stuff to get involved with this week:

Monday 26/09/2011

6p.m. Rebel Alliance at Roam (formerly Saki bar) 2 Wilmslow Road, Manchester M14 5TP.

– our monthly meeting where campaigners from different groups can meet, hang out and share ideas; where people new to campaigning can find out about groups that already exist, what they do and what events are coming up; and we will have a discussion on a hot topic of the month!

This week Manchester Green and Black Cross will be doing a quick workshop on knowing your rights: particularly useful with the Tory Party Conference coming up on October 2nd.  Really hope to see you there!

7p.m: OK Café meeting at Roam (formerly Saki bar) 2 Wilmslow Road, Manchester M14 5TP

7.30p.m – 10.30p.m: Black Students Campaign, MR2 (top floor), University of Manchester Students Union, Oxford Road.

– meeting to discuss any issues you would like the campaign to lead on this year.  The Black Students campaign exists at UMSU to facilitate Black students to campaign for change on campus and nationally, to participate in union politics and address issues faced by Black Students.  It is a fun, vibrant, engaging and effective way to educate and empower you and effect change on the University and local communities. The group is set up to highlight these problems and is led by students who self-define as politically Black.

Wednesday 28/09/2011

2p.m. Manchester Environmental Students’ Society first meeting back, Khaled Said Room (top floor), University of Manchester Students Union, Oxford Road.

5p.m – 8p.m: MAFAC Welcome Party, University of Manchester’s Postgraduate Bar, Burlington Street

M15 6HQ.

–  Come and join Manchester Against Fees & Cuts at our first gathering back, where we’ll be welcoming new members and saying hello to last years’ too!
We’re having a pretty informal event in the run up to the TUC Manchester March for the Alternative on Sunday, with a brief overview of plans for this year, some fun getting to know each other games and plenty of time to chat and make new friends.

Thursday 29/09/2011

5.30p.m – 8.30p.m First Riveters Meeting back, Biko’s Café, University of Manchester Students’ Union, Oxford Road.

– The UMSU women’s rights collective, The Riveters, are a campaigning group who are dedicated to fighting for the equality of the genders. The Riveters are an inclusive group who engage with feminism through a variety of meetings, speakers and events.

Saturday 01/10/2011

10a.m, Battle Bus of the anti-Tory march, Chorlton Street National Express Coach Station.

Bus tour of central Manchester and Salford, bus leaves 10.30am and will promote the anti Tory message, to build for the 2nd Oct demo. This is a Union sponsored event, children welcome, will end at 4p.m. and should be a fun way of spreading the word!

Sunday 02/10/2011

12p.m, TUC Manchester March for the Alternative.  When the Tory Conference Chair Fiona Hodgson gets up at 2pm to open their conference, tens of thousands of protesters will be marching past Manchester Convention Centre with banners and placards to give them the welcome they deserve, rather than the welcome they would like!

Assemble at noon on Liverpool Rd. (off Deansgate) Manchester M3 4JR. This is a 10 minute walk from the train stations at Piccadilly, Victoria, and Oxford Rd.

There are various feeder marches, including:

o       UMSU and MAFAC [], and the Disabled Students bloc [] meeting on the steps outside the University of Manchester Students’ Union at 10:30a.m

o       Education Feeder March assembling All Saint’s Park at 11a.m (including OccupyMCR bloc)

o       Salford Feeder March: Salford marchers will be joined by a delegations from Wigan [] and Bolton. Their feeder march goes via Bexley Square (where flowers will be laid in commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Bexley Square) and on to Liverpool Road where the main march assembles.

o       Queer Resistance NW will be on the march too [ ]

2p.m, TUC Rally Event, No 1 First Street, Manchester.

Speakers include Paul Kenny GMB and TUC President, Len McCluskey, Unite, Christine Blower, NUT, Mark Sewotka, PCS, Chris Keats, NASUWT, Bob Crow, RMT, Mary Boustead, ATL, Rena Wood Unison, Matt Wrack FBU, Remploy local rep, Terry Hoad UCU President. Additional local speakers to be announced.

After TUC rally, OccupyMCR, Albert Square, Manchester

        From 2-5 October 2011 the Conservative Party are coming to Manchester to hold their annual conference. All eyes will be on this city as the Tories analyse their progress in implementing their disastrous program of public sector spending cuts, and reveal plans for the years ahead. This conference should not go unopposed. We intend to make the opposition to the cuts and the widely shared belief in a better alternative future visible, and we’d like to do this with you

        We intend to take and hold the space towards the end of the TUC demonstration. If we are unable to reach Albert Square we will move towards other spaces. Keep checking twitter and follow the purple flags

        Occupy! will be a space for public assemblies, discussions and teach-ins. It will also be a space for music, friendship and creativity. We don’t know how long the space will be running (this will in part depend on you!). If we manage to stay into the early hours, we’ll be coming together at regular intervals for collective noise-making to remind the slumbering Tories that we are there and that we have a lot to shout/whistle/drum/honk/crash/bang about. If they won’t let us dream, we won’t let them sleep! And if Cameron and his cronies do manage to drop off, come ready to give them a noisy wake-up call in the morning.

Remember to wear warm and waterproof clothes, bring some food and drink, and look after yourselves and those around you!

Also work noting –

Young Workers Week begins 02/10/2011

Young workers week is key to raising awareness of the youth against cuts and national union campaigns amongst young members and encouraging young members to actively support the campaigns.

Fun and informative, young workers week is for all PCS members aged 27 or under and is dedicated to raising youth specific issues that affect young people in the workplace and in their community. Young workers week provides a great opportunity for young members to get involved in union activity, gain new skills, share knowledge and experience and get help and support from other young members across PCS.

Feel free to drop us an e-mail with any questions, info about upcoming events/interesting groups, and come chat to us at the Rebel Alliance later!

MCC xxx

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MAIL OUT 05-06-11

Only a couple of bits to check out, so please do (some events, pages, and an interesting read)


Be there 2pm – flyers and banner will be brought along – contact for more details

MMU Students Union – 2nd floor – get on it, and help plan the demo on the 22nd against ATOS – a c ompany who robbing people of their dignity and money and support they vitally need.

THE IWW is calling on everyone to take the afternoon off and chill in the park – if the weather fails us we’ll have a new location – e-mail for more details.

1pm assemble at Chorlton house

Check these pages and please like if you have the time (and Facebook)

Manchester against benefit cuts

MCC Manchester Campaigns Collective

IWW Manchester

This week we are suggesting SHIFT – a new issue has come out recently, and is talking about important issues such as the Labour movement and Popular Education. This is very much a journal by activists for activists, so not necessarily for the passing browser.

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MCC Announce 7/2/11

As always there’s plenty going on in Manchester  for you to get involved with this week.


  • ·       Manchester Autonomous Students working group meetings 6.30-8pm UMSU.

Preparation and discussions for several upcoming events and actions against the cuts.


  • ·       MCC film showing 7pm : Shock Doctrine by Naomi Kline, Trof, Fallowfield
  • ·       Cool Runnings, 10-3amThe Corner, Fallowfield

Weekly reggae, dub and dancehall night. Free entry!!



  • ·       ManchesterAgainst Fees & Cuts meeting. 5-7pm. Meeting Room 4 UMSU


  • ·         Queers Against the Cuts Gig 4-7pm. workshops, bands and stalls. Contact Theatre (behind Academy 1)

  • ·         Take VAT

Saturday 12th February, 10.30am-3.30pm,

Central London

Crash Space and transport available. £10 return from Manchester

ALL VAT HAS JUST RISEN to 20% so travel prices are rising and even VAT on the toilet paper you use to wipe your ass has risen, whilst the richest companies are getting away with murder!

TAKEVAT is a new Mass Action with a particular focus on VAT.


2 separate BLOCS will meet at 2 SECRET LOCATIONS at 10.30 on Saturday the 12th!

From there we will descend upon 2 targets.
CONSEQUENTLY WE WILL CAUSE all sorts of mischief and other such naughtiness
in order to let the government and companies know they can’t get away with this disgraceful behaviour.

DRESS CODE = SMART CASUAL (Without the casual!)

Put the date in your calender, SPREAD THE WORD and please invite all
family, friends, enemies, workers, bankers, students, parents, inexperienced, angry ones, frustrated ones, sportsmen and sportswomen, space invaders etc!

As a UKUncut-esk action we take the message that these cuts and tax changes are regressive and increase inequality hurting the poor whilst protecting the interest of the rich as well as realising that its up to us to act to stop such injustice and force the change needed, by occupying space and educating the public using wide participation.

—– Want to get your meetings or events mailled out to our list? ———

Email with the details and keep us informed of any breaking news!

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Manchester Airport owes Council £83 million

Manchester Green Party

Monday January 31st 2011

Manchester Cuts: Is there really no choice?

The shocking announcement of 2000 job losses at Manchester City Council is the biggest result of the cuts handed down from the Coalition Government.


The Council, forced to deal with a £110 million reduction, expects to save £70 million pounds with these staffing reductions. This still means that £40 million pounds will still have to be found and it looks likely that front line services will be in the firing line.


In addition, because of the expected cuts in Manchester’s police, fire and health services  Manchester residents are going find it more difficult to access the support they need.


Manchester Green Party (MGP) believes nationally, these cuts could largely be avoided by concentrating the deficit reduction by increasing taxes on the financial sector that caused the deficit.


MGP Chair Brian Candeland said “Not only is the Government pursuing the wrong policies, it is seeking to pass the blame onto local authorities. Whilst all local authorities are being hit to some degree, urban councils in the north such as Manchester and its neighbouring boroughs are being hit particularly hard. This will widen the north-south divide.”


While the Coalition Government has forced this budget reduction on the Council, the Council decides what  services will be cut.


MGP urges the Council to make every effort to prioritise services to the vulnerable and saving jobs over capital building projects.


Following last weekend’s GMTUC conference, we note:

  • that in the most recent Council accounts (1), Manchester Airport owes the council over £83 million. The airport is currently raising over £280 million to develop its facilities (2). As a major investor in the airport, the Council is in a position of influence and should look to reclaim those monies.
  • the Council’s ‘sale/transfer’ of Hulme’s Birley Fields to Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) for far less than the value of the land (worth £10 million in some estimates (3)). Hulme Green Party says “Its outrageous. The value of that land would go a long way to reducing the effects of the cuts in Hulme and Manchester. As it stands, the whole MMU proposal is not good for the area.”


The recouping of even a proportion of the Airport and Birley Fields monies will save jobs and services in Manchester.


(1) Manchester City Council – (Accounts Statement 2009/10, page 47, 102)


(2) MULE –


(3) Place North West –

Manchester Confidential –


Manchester Green Party

Contact: Chair Brian Candleland

Email –


Hulme Green Party

Contact: Steve Durrant – 07975518134



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Manchester Autonomous Students Agenda

Manchester Autonomous Students


–       Make sure each task is action pointed to someone – and if a group someone is asked to bottom line it.



–       Regular videos

–       Flyers/cards  (with website – who we are and all of that)

–       Banner

–       Weekly bulletin (MCC bulletin on back)

–       Logo

–       Sign up sheets, e-mail address, email account, wordpress (calendar), facebook group, person, twitter, events, email list – password available for admins only.

–       Soundsystem

–       Door to door

–       Postering

–       Public Event

–       Skill share workshops

–       Bottom lining (calling each person who is supposed to do everything each day and maybe filling in)




–       Ask them to SIGN UP TO SOCIETY – what do you do?


–       We are BUILDING FOR 26th MARCH


–       MAKE VIDEOS – look for new creative ideas – ask them what they do.

–       Invite to public event – maybe the film showings? Maybe debate

(ADD IN HOW OFTEN AND FOR HOW LONG – roughly two hours each a week)

–       Union/N Campus/Owens Park/Grovsnor/Sugden sports/Whitworth/Man Met/ Xaverian/Salford/Preston/Bolton/Library/Uni Bar


Once elections begin no door to door or library


Crib sheet – classic questions to do with cuts and with actions answers from MULE/TABZ/NINJA – add things communally


4)      MAS DETAILS FOR PRODUCTION (put on website and make available for any repro – decide at end of meeting, but make sure we realise that we know we’re going to chat about this)

–       Who is MAS

–       When do MAS meet and where.  What other regular events.

–       Contact details

–       Public debate, organise and invite all – maybe with SAC?



–       National Network – ASN

–       EAN

–       Takining minutes Guide, facilitator training


6)      D.O.N.M

Tuesdays have been suggested as ok



DOC + READING – Summate and discuss 1/2hour

WHAT’S HAPPENED – hear a headline of major stories then pick three to discuss

SKILLS – have a selection of reads available and discuss

Available films



For showings – Shock Doctrine, Children of Men, The War on Democracy, The Corporation,

Food Inc., Crude,  Battle in Seattle, The War You Don’t See, Fight Club, V for Vendetta.



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