The new spaces (Alternatives)

***Alternative Economy (spaces?)***
(showing other ways we can live)
8th day Co-op
Manchesters vegetarian healthfood shop and cafe – 40 years young this year!
Plan B Co-Op
A new Radical Routes housing cooperative for Manchester.
Abundance Manchester is a project which picks surplus or unwanted fruit from gardens and public trees around South Manchester and distributes it to local groups and communities. We also collect and distribute surplus vegetables from allotments and we have started our own Abundance allotment to grow our own food to donate to groups who can make good use of it
The Star on the Cliff
It became Britain’s first urban co-operatively owned pub!!!

The pub is owned by StarCliff Limited, which is a registered Industrial & Provident Society (Registration  Number; 30947R).

Our members are customers and supporters of the pub and each member has one vote. All members have at least 2 shares of £100 each.

An elected Management Group, with 11 members, manages the Coop on behalf of the members and employs the bar manager and staff to run the pub.

StarCliff was formed with invaluable and continuing support from Co-operatives UK


We are an independent charity (established in 1996) working to turn ideas into action for a more sustainable future – by this, we mean a future that is greener, safer, healthier and more equitable.

You can help to create this future by volunteering with us, holding your meetings and conferences at Bridge 5 Mill, working in partnership with us, renting office space at Bridge 5 Mill, participating in our projects and spreading the news.

This website will give you information about our projects and help and advice on how you can get involved in creating a more sustainable way of life. You can also find out more about MERCi and the journeys that we have already taken by clicking on About Us.

Organic Food Manchester
Equinox Housing Co-op was set up in 1994 and moved into a large house in inner-city Manchester. Its aims were to provide affordable, quality accommodation to people involved in social change work.
Co-ops in the Northwest
Co-operatives NW Ltd is an independent organisation with a democratically elected board from member businesses and organisations with a responsibility to represent and promote the sector.
(Good places to get info)
Manchester Climate Fortnightly
Manchester Climate Fortnightly is an *independent* newsletter that has published a “hard copy” every two weeks since June 2008.

We cover what Manchester City Council is (or isn’t) up to, what campaigning groups and individuals are doing. We take a critical view on everyone’s efforts, believing that they are insufficient to the scale of the challenge facing us

Under the Pavement
Under the Pavement” is presented by three vegan anarchists, David, Spike and Lauren and has been broadcasting for over six years. The show brings you regular guests and interviews, news from Indymedia, what’s on guide and reports on direct action and grass roots resistance in the Manchester area.
The idea is to create a space for the exchange of radical ideas and strategies, though always with reference or direct relevance to organisation and ‘activism’. But we also want to make a political intervention into activist theory and practice. We take for granted that Shift readers are looking for debate on a non-state, non-capitalist ‘way out’. Yet, we will challenge all answers, as ‘radical’ as they may be, that will increase social control or that demand a movement for austerity.
Salford Star
With attitude and love
For Salford, a magazine that’s different. It’s written and produced by people in Salford for people in Salford. And it’s totally independent. The Salford Star just aims to give the community a voice, to make public bodies a bit more accountable and to inform, campaign and entertain.
Indymedia UK
A network of individuals, independent and alternative media activists and organisations, offering grassroots, non-corporate, non-commercial coverage of important social and political issues.
A unique free weekly from Brighton
Lib com is a resource for all people who wish to fight to improve their lives, their communities and their working conditions. We want to discuss, learn from successes and failures of the past and develop strategies to increase the power we, as ordinary people, have over our own lives
New Internationalist
The New Internationalist workers’ co-operative (NI) exists to report on the issues of world poverty and inequality; to focus attention on the unjust relationship between the powerful and powerless worldwide; to debate and campaign for the radical changes necessary to meet the basic needs of all; and to bring to life the people, the ideas and the action in the fight for global justice.
Red Pepper
Red Pepper is a magazine of political rebellion and dissent. Influenced by socialism, feminism and green politics, it is a resource for all those who imagine and work to create another world – a world based on equality, solidarity, and democracy.
AK Press
Anarchist and radical book publishers and distributors. Literally thousands of titles available on line.


Diggers and Dreamers
A guide to communal living in the UK
Radical Routes
Radical Routes is a network of radical co-ops whose members are committed to working for positive social change. The network is made up mainly of housing co-ops of various sizes (none with more than 16 members), a few workers co-ops and a couple of social centres.
Social Centre Network
This website provides a portal to radical social centres and autonomous spaces around the UK.
The UK Social Centre Network is a grass roots initiative to establish a network between self identified radical independent social and community centres in the United Kingdom.  Social centres are radical autonomous spaces.
Co-ops UK
Co-operatives UK is the national trade body that campaigns for co-operation and works to promote, develop and unite co-operative enterprises.

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